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Signing a contract - Lawyers in Irwin, PA
Ensure your company is set to succeed with business law services from Myers Duffy Dansak & Clegg LLC in Pennsylvania. We handle all of the legal needs of your company with the utmost professionalism. How you start can determine whether or not your personal assets are placed at risk by the business you run and how your business is taxed. Signing contracts with vendors and customers before incorporation can work to your disadvantage over time. Agreements you make with your business associates at an early stage can prevent arguments and costly battles when it comes to a parting of the ways.

When you're starting your own business, you need experienced attorneys so you can focus on building a successful company. Let us assist you through the legal side of your startup or expansion so you can realize your business dreams. We will guide you through any necessary documentation and preparation to get your business started and running smoothly.


Contracts are the life-blood of a business. Poorly negotiated contracts or contracts with hidden clauses can create a serious problem for an unsuspecting business. We can help draft standard contracts that your business can use over and over again for a particular need; we can also negotiate and draft those infrequent agreements that will cost or earn your company a lot of money.
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