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Some of the most trying decisions that you will be faced with in your lifetime are those related to marriage and your children. Unfortunately, “until death do us part” does not always result in a life of wedded bliss. Issues like divorce, child custody, child/spousal support, and division of property often arise despite the best of intentions. For many individuals facing these difficult decisions, it will be the first time that he or she needs to speak with an attorney. Coupled with the inherently emotional nature of such issues, choosing the right attorney, or even contacting an attorney, can become an intimidating process. Our law office understands the emotional and sensitive nature of family law issues and works together with clients to develop an efficient and effective legal strategy tailored to each client's specific needs.

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While not everyone is comfortable discussing financial issues prior to marriage, with approximately fifty percent of marriages ending in divorce, it may be in your best interest to develop and enter into a Prenuptial Agreement. Such an agreement addresses many of the issues that may arise in a divorce action at a time when such decisions may be less emotionally charged. Our law office has significant experience drafting both Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements and can help you arrive at an agreement that best suits your particular circumstances.

No summary on a website can adequately describe or discuss all of the myriad issues encompassed by the term “family law.” Along with the above, family law encompasses Petitions for Protection from Abuse, grandparents' custody rights, paternity challenges, and many other matters.
If you have questions related to divorce, your rights associated therewith, child custody, or any other family law matter, please contact our law office to confidentially discuss your matter with one of our experienced attorneys.